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Risk Review Consulting is a boutique risk and insurance advisory firm serving Institutions and Business Owners, COO’s and CFO’s by providing commission-free, unbiased advice on:

  • Obtaining the right insurance broker  and insurance carrier at a better price

  • Tailoring the coverage to what you need, not what the broker or carrier wants to sell

  • Getting better results on claims and loss prevention

 Unbiased Advice


 Save Time and Reduce Stress


 Lower Costs and Save Money

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You Need an Unbiased Risk and Insurance Manager


It’s a tough world, and you need someone on your side of the table.

  • No matter what your agent or broker says, they work  for themselves. Their revenue comes  from insurance carriers, and not you.

  • You need someone aligned to your interests. We don’t sell  insurance – we work for you.

  • Your financial department looks at premiums and costs, not contracts and exposures. Your legal department looks only at contracts, not at premiums or operations. We see the big picture.

  • You don’t have enough time to learn it. The DIY approach does not work. We bring the experience and knowledge. 

You don’t want to hire someone full time.

The best of all worlds – an outsourced risk manager.

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About Our Work


With 4 decades of risk and insurance management experience, Risk Review Consulting brings a passion and willingness to work from the big picture all the way to the details in the insurance contracts.

We work on a fee basis only – we are not paid any commission and do not sell insurance.

We offer a 1-hour free consultation to learn about your business, identify issues and develop a proposal for services.

As an option, we can work on a contingency basis - our fee is paid by the amount we save your business or organization. 

What To Expect

We will:

Work with you and your staff to  gather information, documents and  data.

Provide action steps and recommendations that are aligned with your mission and values.


Stay within our project cost or annual retainer. No unexpected expenses. 


Typical Offerings


We offer a wide list of offerings - from very short projects and advice to long term retainer relationships

Short Term Projects

Specific Assignments

Longer Term/Retainers

Review current coverages and provide recommendations on what to buy and what to avoid. Create action steps, cost estimates and timeline for coverage and premium changes. 

Analyze loss histories, compare with current Loss Control activities, and recommend action steps. 

Compare renewal coverages to prior coverages, identify gaps and overlaps and recommend changes.

Review paid, denied or underpaid claims, compare to coverages and identify options for appeal, subrogation or litigation. Identify coverage changes and action steps to mitigate. 

Identify contractual risks assumed in vendor agreements, leases and sales agreements, identify gaps with current coverages or eliminate overlaps.

Identify potential savings by creating a Request for Proposal process for competitive bids from carriers and/or brokers - create bid specifications and loss summaries, obtain and compare quotes, and negotiate lower premiums.

Train your existing staff on how to manage broker relationships, select carriers, control risks and manage claims.


Often we can offset the cost of our fee with the premium savings and claims payments gained

Recent Projects 

Small FinTech 

Reviewed client's coverage and existing broker's recommendations. Eliminated overlapping coverage, developed specifications to meet contract requirements for Cyber and E&O, and recommended new broker to lower cost and improve coverage.

Specialty Contractor

Claim denied based on failure of new broker to secure correct pollution coverage. Provided coverage and claim review and strategy to recover loss based on broker's correspondence with client. 

Non Profit/Social Service

Provide annual review of coverage including D&O and Employment Practices in relation to client operations. Provide extensive coverage analysis and recommendations during process of competitive bidding. Reviewed and appealed denied claim. 

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Potential Projects

We serve most industries - manufacturing and distribution, real estate, hospitality, contracting and construction, non profits and social services, museums and schools, lawyers, architects and engineers, and retail and service organizations.

In addition to helping find better coverage at lower premiums, here are samples of types of projects we do. Each is customized to your need:

For Start Up Firms, or new acquisition by a Property Owner:

Decide what coverages to buy, what to avoid, and likely budget. Help select a broker if needed. 

For M&A/Private 


Privately held firms, or Social Service and Non Profit Organizations:

Very detailed review of existing Director and Officer, Employment Practices, Fiduciary, Professional, Environmental and Product Liability coverages and how they must be altered to accommodate growth and corporate  change. This typically includes review of indemnification and insurance requirement clauses in contracts.

For Multi National - UK or EU firms looking for coverage in the US:

Includes coordinating coverage with the worldwide parent company and worldwide broker. Typical steps are selecting an appropriate local broker, examining existing coverage for gaps and overlaps, coordinating local cover with worldwide underwriters, and providing a list of specific coverages to purchase and steps to implement.

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